About us

LAULAU is a creative educational company, with its origins in Helsinki, Finland. Laulau was founded in 2008 by Minna Lappalainen, a Finnish music educator and award-winning songwriter of children’s music. Since the beginning, the mission of Laulau has been to support a child’s holistic growth and learning through creative and inclusive work methods, as well as to provide teachers and therapists engaging and easy-to-adapt tools for creative learning. Today the Laulau® Learning methods are an established part of the Finnish early childhood, pre-primary, and special education, as well as rehabilitation, e.g. speech, occupational and music therapy.

Laulau is growing internationally and through new language versions

    • Diverse method materials and training services in English for both English speaking education and for early language learning
    • Laulau Learning UK, our licence partner in the UK


    • A comprehensive Laulau Songdrawing method material in Estonian
    • MTÜ Avasta Anded, Meero Muusik, our partner in Estonia


    • Diverse method materials and training services in Swedish


    • Laulau Songdrawing Method materials in Hebrew (autumn 2023)


    • Swedish version of Laulau Learning Mats (Böjliga Bokstäver och Smidiga Siffror) also compatible with Danish and Norwegian languages

Finland is continuously ranked as one of the top education systems in the world, which undoubtedly also has a big impact on the fact that Finland has, already for six times in a row, been chosen as the happiest country in the world. Finnish early childhood education and care has a strong emphasis on e.g. play-based learning, outdoor pedagogy and spending time in nature, as well as on emotional skills, and children’s interests in pedagogical planning. Instead of quantifiable metrics Finnish ECEC emphasizes the so-called soft skills of balanced growth and taking others into account. Daycare fees are affordable for all families, regardless of the financial situation. Pre-primary education, as well as primary, secondary and upper secondary education are free of charge in Finland.

Interested in collaboration?

Are you interested in our creative methods, trainings or materials? Interested in arranging a Laulau Learning training for your organisation or in your area. Enthusiastic about licence partner opportunities?