All Day Song!

What could be more fun than to sing, play, and make music at school, all day long! Many think that music is a nice “extra” in the classroom, but actually it can be so much more than that. As its best, music is a systematic and effective pedagogical tool in the everyday life of a classroom, promoting not only musical skills, but also cross-curricular learning, social-emotional skills, and creative expression. LAULAU® ALL DAY SONG! concept provides inspiring ideas and pedagogical tools, joyful music content, as well as versatile working methods for experiential music education, as well as for integrating music and song into the nursery or school day.

All Day Song! covers e.g.

  • Playful approaches to learning musical elements, such as rhythm and tempo, pitch and melody, harmony, dynamics, timbre, and structure
  • Musical process and versatile working methods around a song or a theme
  • Music and song as support for cross-curricular learning, communication, and executive functioning
  • Creative musical invention and integration of arts
  • Music curriculum and lesson planning