The material Active with ABC & 123 is really comprehensive and multidisciplinary. There are nice tips in the instruction book, but after trying a few of them, you can easily come up with different things you can use the play mats for. You can pick what you need from the play mats or create a whole play path from them. The mats can be used to learn letters, syllables, words or even sentences. In mathematics, number mats work great for addition, subtraction and multiplication. The material can be used among the whole class or in a smaller group. It can be used to build meaningful support lessons or differentiate both upwards and downwards during the lesson. With the material, you can add action and movement for lessons, little “action snacks” for book lessons, and PE lessons can be easily integrated into other learning. The material is easily available even when the fastest ones are already ready and something nice should be developed for them. I warmly recommend Laulau Learning Mats to every class that needs action-based and versatile learning material that is easy to use and apply.

Taru-Maija Aalto, Special education teacher