LAULAU® LEARNING – Creative Learning, Interaction and Inclusion Through Art and Play

LAULAU® LEARNING is a creative educational toolkit combining musical and visual expression, drama and movement, games and playful interaction. With its engaging learning methods LAULAU® LEARNING aims to support a child’s cross-curricular learning, as well as creativity, self-efficacy and social-emotional skills. For teachers in early childhood education, preschool and primary education, as well as for professionals working with special needs children LAULAU® LEARNING provides with inspiring, inclusive and integrative educational tools and learning platforms which make both learning and teaching fun and interactive.

In Finland, the LAULAU® LEARNING methods are an established part of early childhood education, preschool and special education, music education, and rehabilitation. During the past few years we have also taken first steps towards international education markets with positive feedback and outcome. 

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