Learning, Interaction and Inclusion with LAULAU Learning Methods

LAULAU is a small educational training and production company, whose heart beats for music, action-based learning, playful interaction and children’s well-being. By developing and training creative and inspiring educational methods, our goal is to support the most valuable work of the professionals working in the field of education, childcare, and rehabilitation.

LAULAU LEARNING METHODS are filled with creativity and interaction, music and songs, visual creation, games and movement. They represent the ideas of positive pedagogy, inclusion and learning-by-doing-and-creating. Examples of our methods and contents are the Songdrawing Method, Moved by Music! – Music as support for Learning Social and Emotional skills, and Active with ABC&123.

LAULAU is situated in Helsinki, Finland – a country whose education system is continuously ranked as the best in the world. In Finland, our methods, trainings and materials have become an established part of Finnish early childhood education, preschool and special education, music education, and rehabilitation. We have a strong belief that the positive experiences from a wide range of Finnish education-related professionals can be transferred to any corner of the world, either ‘as is’ or by applying with a local twist. At the moment we are taking our first swaying steps in the international educational scene. We wish to find ways to cooperate also with you who are situated in another corner of the world, near or far. So don’t hesitate to contact us! (info ( at ) laulau.fi)

Our pages in English are still under construction. Thank you for your patience!

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