Laulau® Learning

LAULAU® LEARNING is a unique educational company from Finland, focusing on art-based and playful learning. With its engaging creative methods, LAULAU® LEARNING aims to support a child’s holistic growth, cross-curricular learning, self-expression, and social-emotional skills.

I can & I learn!

Our inspiring and innovative methods are packed with music, movement and mark making, as well as games and playful interaction. In the LAULAU® LEARNING activities, learning happens almost as unnoticed, yet in a very cross-curricular and effective way. The LAULAU® LEARNING methods are developed to support all young children, including children with special needs and learning disabilities.

Professional Development & Empowering Encounters

For teachers in early childhood and primary education, as well as for teachers and therapists working with special needs children, LAULAU® LEARNING provides hands-on training and partner programs, rich in creative and inclusive ideas.

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