Laulau® Learning Mats

Push aside your desks and get up from your seats! The LAULAU® LEARNING MATS floor games will inspire you to dive into the world of letters and numbers, shapes and colours, counting and coding, collaborating and problem solving –in an active and interactive way, by gaming and playing, jumping and balancing. The non-slip game mats provide endless opportunities for the utilisation of movement and play. In addition to ready-made games and play activities, the material will also inspire making up your own games and applying them in many ways to support cross-curricular learning and collaboration skills of children.

Packages of Laulau Learning Mats

The material package of Laulau Learning Mats consists of the basic material Active with ABC&123, and three supplementary packages: Active with Counting, Active with Coding, and Active with Shapes. The activities of Laulau Learning Mats can be applied to diverse learning areas, such as reading, writing and mathematics, motor skills and physical excercise, collaboration and problem solving, as well as language learning, and creative expression.