Laulau® Songdrawing Method

LAULAU® SONGDRAWING METHOD is a multi-sensory form of activity in which singing, drawing, movement, and story-telling are combined in a holistic and interactive process, and drawings are conjured up by lovely drawing songs. With its versatile working methods the Laulau® Songdrawing Method supports children in cross-curricular learning and offers experiences of interaction and inclusion. Songdrawing invites the children to create, concentrate, communicate, and cooperate. It also offers a child a natural and illustrative way to express and visualize one’s feelings, thoughts and observations.

Areas of use

    • Early childhood education and preschool
    • Primary education
    • Special needs and inclusive education
    • Rehabilitation of children with special needs
      – Speech therapy
      – Occupational therapy
      – Music therapy
      – Psychotherapy
      – Physiotherapy
    • Early childhood music and art education
    • Family and hobby club activities

Get inspired in our on-site or online training

Our multi-level Laulau Songdrawing Method training program accompanied with versatile material resources provides not only ideas and inspiration for art-based activities, but instead a holistic educational toolkit and a whole new approach to learning and teaching, and finding the strengths of each child.