The educational toolkit of LAULAU® LEARNING consists of engaging creative methods and method resources. All methods have been designed to meet the requirements of diverse learning objectives and inclusive education environments.


LAULAU® SONGDRAWING METHOD is a multi-sensory and engaging form of activity in which drawings are conjured up and supported by joyful drawing songs. With its creative exercises, work methods, and processes, the Laulau® Songdrawing Method supports children in multiple areas of learning and offers experiences of interaction and inclusion.

In addition to singing and drawing, Laulau® Songdrawing Method invites the children to concentrate, communicate, and cooperate. The
self-made song sketches lead to fun and engaging musical adventures and inspire to storytelling, movement, and play. The method effectively supports linguistic and social-emotional skills, motor and manual skills, concentration and creativity, self-efficacy and courage.


LAULAU® SOCIAL-EMOTIONAL ART PLAY is a music and art based tool for social-emotional learning and creative interaction. The activities and instrumental music of the material invite children to collaborate and express themselves in many ways. The diverse musical landscapes played on the piano give us wings to fly into different imaginative worlds, events and stories, and provide a stepping stone for various encounters and shared experiences. Everyone has the right to experience music in their own way, there is no right or wrong way.

The Laulau® Social-Emotional Art Play material is suitable for various pedagogical and therapeutic purposes, as well as for supporting social and emotional skills and creative expression of different aged target groups.


Push aside your desks and get up from your seats! The LAULAU® LEARNING MATS floor games will inspire you to dive into the world of letters and numbers, shapes and colours, counting and coding – in an active and interactive way, by gaming and playing, jumping and balancing!

The non-slip game mats provide endless opportunities for the utilisation of movement and play. In addition to ready-made games and play activities, the material will also inspire making up your own games and applying them in many ways to support multidisciplinary learning and collaboration skills.

The LAULAU LEARNING methods provide children with a positive learning environment and feelings of competence. Children are given space for creativity and everyone can participate on their own level. All the songs, materials and trainings of LAULAU are designed with thought, expertise and heart. Quality for children!

The teachers of the Finnish school in Seattle, WA, USA

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