Laulau® Social-Emotional ArtPlay

LAULAU® SOCIAL-EMOTIONAL ARTPLAY is a music- and art-based tool for social-emotional learning and creative interaction. The playful activities invite us to collaborate and express ourselves through music, visual art, movement,
drama and storytelling. The ageless instrumental music material, which has been composed to the purposes of Social-Emotional ArtPlay, takes us to diverse musical landscapes and emotional states. Little PianoBug is our trusted friend on this journey, helping us to understand, express and cope with emotions.

Material package

The basic material package of Laulau Social-Emotional ArtPlay consists of a book and a cd with 36 pieces of music, 24 sturdy emotion cards, and a Sewing pack of Piano Bug plush. There are also additional materials for the training participants. Coming soon in English.


Our training provides you a good insight into the ideas and activities of Laulau Social-Emotional ArtPlay. In addition to a comprehensive toolkit of SEL activities, the training offers joyful and empowering musical encounters, as well as experiences of the power of music in emotional learning.