LAULAU offers interactive and hands-on training in LAULAU® LEARNING methods, as well as in various topics of music and art education. In addition to traditional contact trainings, we are also able to arrange experiential and interactive training sessions online.

Here are some examples of our training contents. In addition to these, we also design customized training and partner programs based on the specific needs of our customers.

Laulau® Songdrawing Method
Basic course (Level I)

An inspiring and experiential journey into the creative world of Songdrawing and learning through arts. In the training you will gain a good insight into the Laulau® Songdrawing Method, its basic principles and working methods, as well as its versatile application opportunities to support cross-curricular learning, social-emotional skills and inclusion. You will also learn a great number of lovely method songs, and numerous ways to use them in the creative pedagogical or therapeutic process.

Laulau® Songdrawing Method
Advanced course (Level II)

The advanced course of Laulau® Songdrawing Method deepens the understanding of the possibilities and application of the method with children with special needs, and as a holistic process tool in a pedagogical or therapeutic context. You will get familiar with versatile method support tools, as well as method excercises, which have been extensively tested in special education and rehabilitation. The songdrawing excercises are demonstrated as part of a creative learning process. The Level II course is also a wonderful place to share and hear songdrawing experiences with other participants and to find new perspectives to your own songdrawing path.

Laulau® Social-Emotional Artplay
(Level I)

The training day offers interactive and experiential art-based tools for social-emotional learning and creative collaboration. The engaging activities encourage and invite us to play together, and to express ourselves through music, visual art, movement, drama and storytelling. The diverse instrumental pieces of music, composed to the purposes of the Laulau Social-Emotional Artplay, give us wings to fly into different imaginative worlds, events and stories, providing a stepping stone for joyful encounters and shared experiences. Everyone has the right to experience music in their own way, there is no right or wrong way.

Laulau® Learning Mats,
Active with ABC&123

The introductory training of Laulau Learning Mats is a day full of play, games, movement, and learning by doing. During the day we will get familiar with the versatile game materials of Laulau Learning Mats, the numerous game ideas and applications, as well as with co-creating of learning games. The training covers learning areas from reading and writing to mathematics, from social and collaboration skills to problem solving and creativity, from communication to coding. And yes, there’s no Laulau training without combining singing and songs to the active learning process.

All Day Song!

Musical activities and singing bring joy to everyday life, but also effectively support learning, attention, and interaction. Laulau® All Day Song! training provides inspiring ideas and pedagogical tools, joyful music content, as well as versatile working methods for experiential music education, as well as for integrating music and song into the nursery or school day. During the day we will also dive into musical co-creating and learn new ways and tools to create music and songs for various purposes, and together with children. The contents of the day will be structured and illustrated with the help of musical planning cards, which are part of the course material.

Let’s play together! – Musical
instruments as community tools

Do you have a piano in your classroom, which most of the time serves more as a material shelf than an instrument? Are the rhythm instruments hidden in a closet that is seldom open to the children? Or do you feel that it’s not possible to implement quality music education, because of lack of instruments? In the Let’s Play Together! training we will learn creative and easy-to-adapt work methods to increase music and instrumental playing as part of creative learning, storytelling and collaboration.