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Let’s Learn by Songdrawing! Book + CD

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LET’S LEARN BY SONGDRAWING (book + cd) is a comprehensive and inspiring method material, which includes versatile information about the Songdrawing MethodTM, 40 lovely method songs and hundreds of practical activity ideas for different pedagogical purposes and usage situations. The catching melodies and easy-to-learn lyrics as well as the beautiful arrangements of the songs inspire the songdrawers of different age to dive in to the world of art- and action-based learning. Read more below.

Active with ABC & 123

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Push aside your desks and get up from your seats! The Active with ABC & 123 materials will inspire you to dive into the world of letters and numbers – in an active and interactive way, by gaming and playing, jumping and balancing!

Gym case

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Gym case is a colorful carton suitcase full of games that will make you move! Gym case’s fun and educational games inspire towards creative movement and expression. The idea of the games is to play together and to move creatively by acting the characters in the picture cards. Gym case suits well as entertainment for the whole family or as an educational material with 3 to 9 year old children. Read more below.